Product Endorsements

At CelebrityTalentPromotions.com, we have direct access to thousands of celebrities for product endorsements and spokesperson campaigns. These pop culture stars will help boost your business prestige, bottom line and create a successful recognizable brand.

Call our endorsement agents at 888.752.3532 or use our simple booking request form to find out more information on how to hire celebrities, athletes, motivational speakers, TV stars, celebrity chefs and more who will help get the maximum exposure for your company with a product endorsement deal, taking your sales and awareness to new heights.

Over the years we have worked on product endorsement deals involving many top celebrities. By speaking with our agents and learning about your business’s promotion goals, your company can become one of the many who have benefited from having a well-known celebrity to promote your products and services.

Popular industries such as automotive, perfume, shoe, soft drinks, video games and furniture lines use celebrities to promote their products in a number of different mediums.

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Disclaimer: The endorsements listed above are examples of celebrity endorsement deals. CelebrityTalentPromotions does not claim to have worked on the celebrity endorsements listed above.

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